How to Leave a Review for TouchPoint Properties or any of our agents

Why are we asking for your feedback via online reviews?

Reviews and testimonials help other people see what kind of business we run and how we care for our clients. Many people check online ratings before visiting a website.

Feedback is really appreciated as it will help us provide top notch service and the best client experience in the Western Montana real estate market.

How to leave a recommendation or review.

See instructions for Facebook and Google below. Also, a submission form is available.

Please feel free to write a review on your other favorite social media platforms such as Yelp!, Instagram, etc.


To leave a recommendation or write a review on Facebook, you need to have your own Facebook account. Click this link:

This link should take you directly to the reviews page. facebook reviews

Click Yes to recommend the page and write your comments.

facebook rating

You can also select any of the tags that are displayed. And we’d appreciate it if you add this text

#TouchPointProperties @JudyPorter_TouchPoint

This will tag Judy and help others find her services.

Select the audience next to Post (if that option displays) and finally, click Post.


To write a review and rate TouchPoint Properties, just follow this link

When the review box displays, click on the star rating, write a few words about your experience, and add a photo if you like. Select any appropriate rating tags such as Professional.

And we’d appreciate it if you add the following tags

#TouchPointProperties @JudyPorter_TouchPoint

This will tag Judy and help others find her services at TouchPoint Properties.

google review

Click Post

These steps should be easy to follow, however, if you have any issues leaving a review, please contact Pam Cote. We really want to know what you think.

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